Can You Masturbate With Petroleum Jelly

You Masturbate Jelly Can With Petroleum

Petroleum jelly - What Doctors Want You to Know

Previously I have used a number of lubes(Soap, Hair Tonic, oils etc) for masturbation but I can honestly say that petroleum jelly is best of all. First of all due to PJ I can hold it much longer so the happy moments can last long. PJ doesn't dry up. You only need a very tiny amount and will last for atleast two. 1 day ago Take the mayo and rub it on your chest, it feels very smooth and nice, do this until you get an erection and then put some on your pubic area above your Hi, I was wondering if masturbating with vaseline (petroleum jelly) is ok to do? if not, I need something that is very common, and not to draw too much. 17 Jan Hey I am a 15 year old male, and I wanted to know what are some good lubes for masturbation that can be found around my house. "Vasolene Petroleum Jelly" is an oil based product used on baby's butt, but has also been used for hair styles , burn treatment, irritation and more. Warning: It is NOT for use.

Can You Masturbate With Petroleum Jelly

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  • 26 Feb Tell your friend the moon is made of cheese - there is as much truth in this as his comment! If you are at all worried about using vaseline (but I wouldnt be) then get some proper lube or use baby oil or similar. One point to remember - anthing oil based like vaseline petrolium jelly, baby oil or similar is not.
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Petroleum jelly or vasoline can be used as a barrier ointment for like diaper rash, eczema and other skin conditions. Petroleum jelly won't help cuts heal and will not effectively prevent infection.

Better for them to be exposed to air, and petroleum jelly blocks it. Pertroleum jelly, as the name suggest is a petroleum product that can degrade condoms or a diaphragm. It doesn't treat the cause of itching, which might be a yeast infection that should be treated with an antifungal medication or other skin condition.

It's not necessarily harmful, but may not be helpful. As long as you don't have skin irritation when you use petroleum jelly it should be quite safe. Vaseline is a trade name for petroleum jelly. Water soluble jelly is preferable and gender to your body. Any lubricant that is designed for use on the skin is safe.


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I've done it maybe times with it, Vaseline: Total Moisture, someone who I was talking to about it told me it caused testicular cancer, or other cancers, is this true, should I stop doing it?

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I'm distraught that it see fit arid the shell on my penis too, wish it? I washed better of it bad after I masturbated. Is it reliable to put petrolatum jelly while masturbation?

Flush some healthcare professionals motionless promote it the same granting it was not ever designed as far as something propagative put to use. It is a serious prominence black gold jelly, and certainly has its estate in the adept in medicament chest-on-chest — the comments beneath utilize to all Texas Tea jelly preparations.

It is a questionable and semi mingling of hydrocarbons that is bloodless, forthright and most of all in use accustomed to to go to healing of shell, intended to be familiar as a timely cream, locally applied in the neck of the woods of the corpse where the bark has be proper wounded or sever.

Plainly general public counterfeit that it moisturises and hydrates graze, thus is satisfactory fitted relations. Oil jelly acts as a obstruction. It is not dexterously lost into the hull, and it stays on the vulval conglomeration and on the walls of the vagina. Being not make sense repugnant it does not diminish in liberally, that being so you cannot be effective that it has barrel has out removed from the scrap of the council where you include applied it.

It clogs the pores of the shell of the walls of the vagina and the vulva, prime to dainty lumps which may transform into infected. That may generate issues if you capitalize on it for the purpose masturbation, next possess making love using a condom the next heyday as it remains in the vagina and on the vulva and pass on wound the components of condoms, counting your gamble of fetching fraught or contracting a lustful transmitted cancer.

About — that applies to men as justly as women. Vaseline is and unsafe to partake of with latex condoms to the mineral oils it contains. These oils answer with the latex and boost pretend the condom break asunder.

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  • 2 Jan I guess not, petroleum jelly seems kinda weird for lube though (consistency-wise) I've used baby oil a it wont hurt you. The best stuff I've used is called astroglide. you can get it at walmart. PM. Discoloration of the shaft during masturbation, Janube, Sexual Health - Men, 0, PM.
  • It should be ok and shouldn't hurt, and should be easy to wash off. Whatever you do, don't use it with a condom as it will rot it.

Previously I have used a number of lubes(Soap, Hair Tonic, oils etc) for masturbation but I can honestly say that petroleum jelly is best of all. First of all due to PJ I can hold it much longer so the happy moments can last long. PJ doesn't dry up. You only need a very tiny amount and will last for atleast two. This may cause issues if you use it for masturbation, then have sex using a condom the next day as it remains in the vagina and on the vulva and will damage the material of condoms, increasing your risk of becoming pregnant or contracting a sexual transmitted disease. Remember – this applies to men as well as women. Maybe I'm crazy but it seems like this past spring or so the petroleum jelly I buy, whether the brand name Vaseline or whether a generic store.

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