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He may be a nice person.(even though he is a super strict teacher) If he makes your sister happy,try to ignore all those jokes etc. Try to be patient,he will not be your tracher forever. It's not wrong, and soon enough you might get to know her better, and your relationship in school will get better. You'll start to see her as a genuine person at school instead of a miserable teacher. But a teacher at my school had sex with an underage student and a former of-age student, and she got in trouble for both. Maybe you like mature men, but don't you think dating an old teacher would be a little inappropriate? And what makes you think he'd be interested in dating a former student ? Unless.

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  • WRONG on his part. You are not to blame whatsoever in your relationship with your teacher. He is % wrong since he is abusing his role as a teacher and thus, mentor to you. I'm 21 years old and I remember when I was your age. I definitely wanted to hang out with older guys because I thought they.
  • call your brother today after school and give him the heads up. that way he can let her know and no boundaries are crossed that shouldn't be at school. I'm sure you don't want either one of them to feel out of place either at the party. outside of school she is your brother's future wife "Jane" in school she is.
  • A lot of places consider it a felony if there is a student-teacher relationship even if the student is of legal age. So, depending on where you are, he could be arrested and get prison time.
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I'm Dating My Teacher?

I Dating My Teacher Yahoo Answers

Well, it sounds like you've both approached your relationship properly. He didn't take advantage of you while you were underage, and you're now 20 years old; a 12 year age gap isn't really a problem. The problem is not your parents. The problem is that you don't perceive yourself as an adult, but you ARE. I wont say whats right or wrong but ill tell u the facts. You r 17 and u r in school. There must be a guy or two who have a crush on you. They see u with a 25 yrs old hunk. They go in depression and call u wheo.info rightly wheo.infoe u r disturbing the natural flow of things If girls like u start dating elder. gross much? but just tell your mom AND your teacher how you feel about it. just so your teacher know you feel a little uncomfortable in his class and tell your mom she cant explain. then if he ever tries to give u a bad grade or give u detention, bring up the situation. be like, he did this becuz my mom dumped him, lol yup!.

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